A giant python crawls out of a car on a Chinese highway.

A giant python crawls out of a car on a Chinese highway.

This is the strange moment drivers spotted a huge python hanging from a car driving along a highway in China.

Images show the huge snake draping its body across the back of a white vehicle speeding along the road in Yiyang, Hunan province on July 3.

The daredevil pet reptile appeared to have slithered out from inside the car through the window and made its way towards the bumper.

However, the yellow-coloured Burmese python fell off and had to be rescued by highway staff.

It was taken to a vet to be treated for minor injuries.

“The snake is probably the car owner’s pet since it was moving from the window,” a motorist driving behind the SUV said.

Police are now trying to trace the owner of the car after video emerged of the bizarre incident.

Photo of bulging python sparks disturbing debate
The incident comes just months after an alarming photo of a giant python with the remnants of its last meal in its belly caused quite a stir online.

But online users weren’t so sure, with many noting that the snake’s meal looked to be much bigger than a possum.

“That’s not a possum,” one person wrote.

“They got a dog?” another said.

“Well they don’t no more,” came a response.

with Viral Press/Australscope
The reptile, featuring a very swollen stomach, was photographed inside what looks to be a shed or garage in May.


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