The recovery of a dog who was abandoned in an old, rotting jacket.

The recovery of a dog who was abandoned in an old, rotting jacket.

If you’ve tried doing anything in complete darkness, you know that it’s very difficult, and trying to trap and rescue a scared dog in complete darkness, is a Herculean feat in itself. Because of this reason, founder of Logan’s Legacy, Suzette Hall, does all her rescues early in the morning. However, one fateful night, she received an urgent message regarding a seriously ill dog that had been left abandoned and had been crying. Packing up her car with a humane dog trap and plenty of snacks, and made her way to the location.

In an interview, Hall says about this fateful night: “I went out at midnight. She was out in the middle of nowhere, on a one-lane road. I knew I had to get her.” Although at first the woman wasn’t able to find the dog as it was pitch black, but, because of a special reflection, she was finally able to locate the pup. In her interview, Hall says: “I saw her by her eyes. We named her Moonie because it was the moonlight that helped me notice her.”

Although Moonie’s eyes were beautiful, the rest of her, was in a very run down and desperate condition. Hall also says: “She was skin and bones wearing an old, dirty jacket.” Initially, the woman thought that she had trapped and captured a coyote due to how Moonie was looking, as she was extremely skinny. Hall also goes on to say: “She had mange and scabies, and everything. When I got her that night, she smelled so bad.”

In spite of her condition, the woman stayed with the dog, sleeping in Hall’s car till the morning until the vet was open. After the vet examined her, a rigorous treatment regime was started for Moonie, for the multiple illnesses she had. This regime needed Moonie to be in isolation for six weeks. Once Moonie successfully completed her treatment regime, Moonie went right into foster care. However, due to her extremely loveable personality, she did not last long in foster care.

Hall also goes on to say: “She went to two different foster homes. They were going to put her up for adoption during her second foster stay, but her foster mom said, ‘No, I can’t part with this gal. We can’t let her go.’” And according to Anne, the pup is living “the most amazing life now.” Moonie is showered with all the love and attention as she’s the only child in her new family, and she has also made a stunning physical transformation living in her new home by the beach. Finishing off the interview, Hall says: “She looks like the most beautiful dog you’ve ever seen in your life now. She deserves the world. And she deserves to have her story told.”


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